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8/8/12 Buffalo Activists Push Lawmakers To Ban Surveillance Drones 

5/31/12 Occupiers Convince City Of Buffalo To Ditch JPMorgan Chase 

It's a Hoax, Folks! 11/8/2012 author: FREE member The scenario that played out at the Erie County Medical Center (ECMC) in the spring of 2012 that I am calling 'The Hoax' has gone four months and still the public has yet to be updated. There have been no articles written on this event since the day after it happened with the exception of my article that I submitted during summer to the Buffalo News and other media titled 'Was the "Hoax" on Us?'. In it I proposed the possibility that authorities might be responsible for a "suspicious package" which was supposedly found in a first floor bathroom the day after a fatal shooting of a hospital employee by former Army weapons expert, Army medic and trauma surgeon Timothy Jorden. My initial suspicion was aroused by the fact that the hospital, due to the previous day's tragic affair, was already crawling with federal agents of all sorts. I wondered how anybody could get away with such a stunt with so many intelligence agencies on location. Why would someone even try such a terroristic prank knowing that this Country is obsessed with fighting the war on terror? Given the amount and degree of surveillance we are currently under because of 9-11, who in their right mind would do such a thing? Maybe that's it. Maybe it wasn't somebody in their right mind. Could someone from the psych ward in the hospital have done this? I don't know. Nobody knows. But if this is the case, where is the video? As stated in my previous article, I was told by two different ECMC security officers that the surveillance cameras were indeed working that day. I was told that there are three people of interest - teenagers - who were recorded near the bathroom on the first floor where the suspicious package was said to be found. I was told that they were laughing and back-slapping each other. Again, if this is the case, where is the video? It is troubling that as of the middle of October there has been no release of the video from ECMC. Did we all miss the apprehension of a suspect(s) sometime over the last four months? Was there media coverage of the suspect(s) being taken into custody or photo image(s) posted to sensationalize a story like this? Can somebody please tell me if this case is opened or closed? It was ECMC CEO Jody Lomeo who said "This is a despicable act, and we will do everything to find this person and prosecute him or her to the fullest extent of the law." If this is the case, where is the video? The public can help identify the teenagers on the tape. It was also said by Mr. Lomeo: "We've grown quite a bit over the four years, so the timing is obviously right for a full review of the campus and security needs." http://news.wbfo.org/post/ecmc-adjusts-following-site-tragedy. If the truth be told, this statement offers a motive for letting 'The Hoax' happen. Who benefits? If the hospital has grown over the years as Lomeo said, then his statement that "the timing is obviously right for a full review of ... security needs" may actually tell more than he intended to say. Are we to believe this hoax was just one of those fortunate misfortunes? Is it a mere coincidence that the timing of this hoax aligns with the hospital's supposed need for security upgrades? Could 'The Hoax' be the catalyst needed for the provision of funds for the hospital in an effort to boost security? Is it possible that now, rather than drawing on its own resources, ECMC may be eligible for taxpayer funded additions with little to no cost to the hospital? The method here would be the ancient one called Diocletian's Theory, or the Hegelian Dialectic, and is a simple 1-2-3. It is also called today 'Problem - Reaction - Solution'. The practice is simple to understand. Those in charge create a problem, whether it is real or just perceived, which incites a reaction from the public. Then, the initial creators of the problem come offering the solution. The agenda is to arrive at the desired "solution" in the first place. The solution creates the ability for the ruling class to gain more control over the populace. The solution could not be achieved naturally because it is something not preferred by the people. History is replete with examples of the use of the Hegelian Dialectic by those in power. A quick search on-line can attest to this. A few examples of solutions within our lifetime are all of the new gun control laws, drug laws, and traffic laws. In the case of 'The Hoax': Problem - the bomb threat was an act of terrorism. Reaction - it produced fear and trembling by the victims of the psychological operation (psy-op), Solution - We have yet to see what the solution will be. Considering the nature of the crime, it can be safely assumed that tighter security (more invasive tyranny) is introduced to provide a safer environment. As mentioned in my previous article, ECMC is currently undergoing a facelift. Construction is well underway at the main entrance into the facility. If decking the new entrance with cameras, scanners, bulletproof vests and/or tasers becomes the preferred solution, then maybe Mr. Lomeo's statement that the timing is right for a full review of security needs is more than a fitting reaction to the original problem of the fake terror threat. Maybe the timing here is a little too right. If this is the case, then where is that video?

Was the Hoax on Us? 8/8/2012 author: FREE member The questions posed below are the result of knowledge of an event which took place in Pottawatomie County, Iowa. The county's Emergency Management Agency had planned a realistic, terror related drill at Treynor High School in Pottawatomie County. The terror scenario designed for the drill was unbeknownst to students, parents and faculty who were told of a much simpler drill that wouldn't leave children and adults absolutely terrified. The drill was canceled when it was discovered that officials planned on using an actor to play the role of a white supremacist hell-bent on killing and dying. The drill was planned in order to qualify for a federal grant from the Department of Homeland Security. As stipulated, the drill needed to highlight a terroristic event. After a thorough search for any other details relating to the bomb threat at the Erie County Medical Center earlier this summer, it can safely be said that there are no specific details to work with concerning this case and, as of the day of this writing, there is no official story either. The bomb threat at ECMC turned out to be a hoax. The hoax happened one day after the fatal shooting of a hospital employee by a doctor at the hospital. At first, it was thought that the hoax was a stunt that was pulled off by the killer as a means of escaping the hospital during a lock-down situation due to the failure to apprehend the killer, Dr. Timothy Jordan. This theory was quickly dismissed. What has been reported about the bomb threat thus far is not very much, and there have been no articles written about it since the day after it happened. Many reports claim that a staff member found a suspicious package with a threatening note etched into the wall above it in a first-floor bathroom of the hospital. Buffalo Police were called to the scene and the Disaster Preparedness Team diffused the situation in less than an hour. Evacuated employees and their patients from the first four floors of the hospital were then aloud to return inside and resume their activities. There remains a myriad of questions in the case of the ECMC bomb hoax which have either not been asked or have not been answered. Questions such as which staff member found the suspicious package? What was the suspicious package? What was inside of the suspicious package? What did the note etched into the wall read? Who, if anyone, called 911? Did this "package" even warrant a 911 call? What other agencies were present at the time of the hoax due to the previous day's horrific event? The answers to these questions are not known by the public and any information gathered so far is varied and conflicting. For example, some reports state that a threat was received over the phone while others claim that the suspicious package was found by the staff member. It is tough to imagine both accounts being true. It is assumed at this point that the staff member who is said to have found the suspicious package prefers to remain anonymous. To my knowledge, no report names this individual and no reporter has attempted to find and ask this individual any questions, nor has the staff member come forward with any type of comment as to what was found in the first-floor bathroom. Another example of conflicting accounts is the suspicious package. Described by one hospital guard as "a bag with the word "BOMB" written on it", the package was also described as "a plastic soda bottle with a foreign liquid inside" by a retired employee involved in volunteer work at the hospital. Both sources denied viewing the suspicious package with their own eyes. Yet another example is the mysterious and threatening note. Widely reported to have been "etched into the wall", the note was also reported as "scrawled on a piece of paper". Whichever report is accurate, if either, is still void of any details. Inquisitively I entered the presumed bathroom in question to look for evidence of etching in the wall and could find no evidence of any etching into any of the walls. Was this the wrong bathroom? Or was the note really scrawled on paper, as one report claimed, and currently in the possession of the investigators of this crime? Or, was there no such note at all? Perhaps it was in the women's bathroom. Whatever the case, there was no etching anywhere in the bathroom, nor did the bathroom appear to be recently refinished to cover any etching that may have been written into a wall. Having found no evidence in the bathroom, an attempt was made to verify the bathroom in question. I inquired of another employee as to which bathroom hosted the suspicious package and was told of a different bathroom. Again, the pattern of conflicting accounts continues. This time, in order to cover all of the possible bathrooms, I brought a female companion and together we looked in all four Men's and Women's bathrooms on the first floor in the vicinity of the supposed crime. We both failed to notice any evidence of any etching in any wall. Details of how the suspicious package was found also vary. News reports claim the package was found by a staff member, leading one to believe that it was found by chance; that sooner or later, someone would walk into the bathroom, as this staff member supposedly did, and find it. However, another security source claimed that a phone call was made from an untraceable number warning of this threat. Yet another ECMC source, employed by the hospital for over twenty years, confirmed there was a phone call and claimed that it was made right from the hospital lobby. "Right there!" he said, pointing with his finger to the other end of the lobby at the main entrance of the hospital. These claims, though hearsay, lead to more questions such as - is the hospital lobby telephone untraceable? Could the caller have known the phone in the lobby was untraceable? Who was contacted by the caller of this phone call? What was said by the caller to whoever was contacted? These questions lead to another question - who is investigating this crime? According to news reports, the Buffalo Police Department is on the case. However, though it is true that not all officers are aware of any investigation into this crime, two Buffalo Police officers I spoke with both claimed matter-of-factly that ECMC was conducting its own investigation. When asked of ECMC Security headquarters if this was true, the officer questioned asked me who I am, why I want to know, and what is my reason for being at the hospital followed by the claim that they were not to discuss this issue with anyone. One would suppose in this day and age that a bomb threat/hoax would also involve federal investigators, possibly from a number of different intelligence agencies, working in tandem with local law enforcement to identify and apprehend the individual or individuals responsible for the false-alarm leading to the evacuation of sick and terror-stricken patients and staff from the first four floors of the hospital onto the sidewalk. As ECMC CEO Jody Lomeo stated the day after the bomb hoax: "This is a despicable act, and we will do everything to find this person and prosecute him or her to the fullest extent of the law." It has been a full decade since 9-11 and, if you hadn't noticed, we don't put up with terrorism. This hoax, one day after a horrible tragedy, is not only despicable, it is a criminal act of a terroristic nature. If yelling "FIRE!" in a theater creates terror and is therefore an act of terror, then this prank, if indeed just a hoax, should be treated the same. Yet, as of the day of this writing, more than two and one half months after the incident, there has been no public identification of a suspect and no updates as to how the investigation, if there even is one, is going. That this crime has not been solved yet leads one to wonder why not? Americans were led to believe that the safeguard measures installed after 9-11 such as USA PATRIOT ACT and NDAA, though draconian, were a response to terrorism to protect us from terrorists. So how is anyone safer if the powers that be can so easily fail at finding a simple prankster/criminal? Not only was an individual(s) willing and able to pull off this prank and get away with it, but this same individual(s) is still free and lurking about the city today. Did the producer of this hoax really have such a sophisticated approach as to make a phone call from an unidentifiable telephone? Did this petty prankster really write a threatening note and leave a suspicious package without leaving a fingerprint? Is this individual so sly as to evade or avoid hospital cameras that are intentionally placed in tactical locations to record, for the sake of evidence, such crimes? Where, by the way, is the video evidence, and why hasn't the public been asked to help identify the perpetrator? Hospital security admitted that surveillance was properly functioning that day, saying that there are individuals of interest that were seen on camera either walking out of or walking away from the supposed first-floor bathroom. I was told by two different guards at separate times that authorities suspect three teenagers who they claim can be seen on video surveillance congratulating each other in a jovial fashion while walking away from the bathroom. Teenagers? Really? When asked if this video was seen by either of the guards personally, both admitted it was not, and both shrugged off the seriousness of the situation with a "Hey, what can you do?" type of gesture, implying it was just some teenagers and that's what teens do. I imagine that the guards, naturally having an interest in the case as hospital employees, asked of their superiors the same questions that I was asking them and that they were given the impression that it was a harmless prank and that they need not concern themselves any further with it because that is what both tried to impress upon me. The concern here is that until authorities get too the bottom of this hoax, the good people of WNY are all suspects. Is there a time in the not-too-distant future when even more draconian, police-state type policies will be adopted at the hospital because of this hoax or another one like it? Already, off-duty officers have stepped in to help wean the good people at ECMC from their fear that this hoax has apparently created. With work currently being done on the entrance to the main lobby of the county hospital, one can only wonder whether hospital security will be equivalent to airport security after construction is complete. Will a booth be placed at the entrance where one's ID must be shown to a TSA-type security guard before entry? Is every package brought into the hospital from now on going to be deemed "suspicious"? Considering the secrecy of the nature of the drill planned at Treynor High School in Pottawatomie County, Iowa, one wonders if this threat that turned out to be a hoax was also just a drill. Perhaps federal authorities who were already on the scene from the previous day's tragedy pulled off this threat/hoax/drill in order to qualify for a federal grant of some sort. As exemplified by the Pottawatomie case, it has been done before. The plans for the entrance renovation of ECMC have been on the drawing board since long before the recent bomb hoax. If indeed this scenario of heightened security due to this hoax turns out to be an accurate one, then it could be argued that this hoax was perpetrated by authorities as a justification for new security measures. Think of it as job security akin to the window repairman who has a vested interest in deviant stone throwers. At this point, it wouldn't surprise this writer if, when all is said and done with renovations, there are still no suspects because - why would "authorities" investigate themselves? http://tpmdc.talkingpointsmemo.com/2011/03/iowa-county-cancels-drill-that-drew-ire-of-anti-immigration-groups.php

It's Just a Hoax, Folks! 10/10/2012 author: FREE member coming soon