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"The truth is historically suppressed by main-stream media. 
Americans are presented with short overviews of half-truths, 
endless feeds of sensationalized gossip and soap-opera type news stories.
The responsibility of presenting the truth to America in today's 
'age of information' has been severely neglected by those entrusted to the task.
'We the people' are filling the void."
                                                - anonymous FREE Member
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Websites Below is a list of alternative news websites recommended by FREE members; They do not necessarily reflect the views of all members. "Question More" Russia Today "a beacon of free speech" Civilian Intelligence Agency Alternative truth related documentaries and cinema Wide Eye Cinema The definitive collection of 9/11 documentaries and videos 911 Docs The events in Fukushima will affect everyone in one way or another. Fukushima Facts G. Edward Griffin's Freedom Force International Maxwell Igan's The Crow House What is "Gun Control"? The Second Amendment GunCite Decoding the symbolism surrounding us The Vigilant Citizen Alex Jones''Infowars Exposing the dreamworld we believe to be real David Icke Discussion board community Above Top Secret Helping to maintain a well-informed, free and active citizenry Old-Thinker News United States & International News, Opinion, Op-Eds & Politics OpEdNews.com Independent research and media group Global Research Truthful alternative media, not mainstream corporate garbage media! Pacific Progress Independent conservative news website World Net Daily Independent News End the Lie Analyzing the news - Greg Hunter's'USA Watchdog Weekly news analysis service World Affairs Brief Katherine Albrecht on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Spy Chips Consumer group opposed to supermarket loyalty and frequent shopper cards no cards Linda Moulton Howe - updates in earth and astronomical mysteries Earth Files News and info about the Sun-Earth environment Space Weather Do not underestimate the lies Wellaware1